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Its sorta a tossup whether its best to have Ghosts or Skeletons but since Ghosts are created in the Torture chamber while also giving you the chance to convert an enemy creature or sometimes providing gold when a torture victim dies it normally makes sense to create Ghosts. Skeletons make a cheap but effective fighting force but train them above Skill 7 and they'll have use of a Lightning Spell. So difficult to attract he is even more challenging to control his ego. Some people have referred to the Reaper as a "she" although I can't fathom why as there are no such distinguishing features. This is perhaps the only creature that doesnt need to be trained since even at Skill 1 he is very deadly.

Generally, if you have trained all your upper level creatures ie. Dragons, Bile Demons, etc to above Skill 5 then you will have no need to have the Horned Reaper since their more trouble when they lose control and go nuts. He will eventually be content although it is probably best to build an entirely separate Lair, Training Room, Hatchery, and Temple for him first so he is secluded and no threat to any of your creatures Skills: Would be nice to either choose an Imp or Tunneller to be my main work force with both having their own abilities. Very dangerous in numbers and from a distance.

Though slow, his Broadsword speaks for him as he always makes a booming presence as 'Master of the Realm'. Practically invulnerable! PAGAN and seen what your character looks like this is him! His fortitude is indominable, almost impossible to defeat, packs a huge magical array, and is the very reason why you have made it this far up the acropolis!

If you can stun, imprison, torture, then successfully convert him to your side you will have one serious colossus!

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Lair - Build it large to attract creatures and for increase population growth as well as a buffer to keep some creatures from fighting against one another. Best design is to not only have a large Lair but place a Hatchery all around its perimeter.

1. Know the Rules

Hatchery - As above, the best design for the Hatchery is one that surrounds the outsides of a Lair. This design allows your creatures to get food right away as normally sleeping creatures will likely require food midnight snack perhaps? You can go into First-Person view with any chicken but you cannot control their movements. Training Room - Same rule applies: Larger the Training Room the faster your creatures get trained. In this way, they are more readily exposed with all the instruments in the room so they travel around less to increase their skills. Library - As with the Training Room, the larger they are the more exposure to knowledge your creatures will have.

However, like the Workshop, the larger the Library is the faster research is done as well as the quantity of knowledge is stored. Also allows you to extend your territory to other impassable parts of the dungeon.

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Guard Post - Place creatures in here to keep an eye out for enemies as they approach I never you use it as either I create an Alarm Trap or when I hear my Imps are in trouble I remove the ones fighting then drop my creatures down right at the site of conflict and "get busy! Workshop - Similiar to Library, larger it is the faster you get Doors and Traps created. Also a large Workshop allows more of these to be stored.

If you have placed a Trap down and it hasnt yet become active Trap still appears transparent then drop an Imp into the Workshop and he will carry the 'manufactured trap' to the appropriate location. Trolls tend to automatically be lured to the Workshop. Prison - Once you have created a Prison, under the "? You creatures will stun the enemy rather than kill and your Imps will attempt to drag the stunned carcasses back to the Prison.

If your Prison is too small then a 'prison break' is likely so ensure you have a large Prison.

MachiaVillain - (Dungeon Keeper Meets RimWorld)

Also, I have found when you imprison enemy Vampires or Dark Mistresses when they are above Skill 8 they tend to immediately begin to rip apart your Prison. Torture Room - Drop creatures in Prison here to convert them, kill them turns them into Ghosts and sometimes you may luck out with some Gold , or gain intelligence about your enemy's dungeon Imps only provide this when tortured. Again, a Large Torture Room allows you to torture more people at once.


Barracks - Drop creatures here to create groups but I never use it. Better to just go to the creature list and drop them into battle totally unexpected. Temple - Basically a Stress-Sink! Scavenger Room - Attract other similiar creatures to your dungeon when placed in this room. Recommend possessing the following creatures for a truely incredible view: Create Imp - Use this to create extra Imp workers.

Sight of Evil - Very niffy effect. Use this spell to see into suspicious, unexplored areas of the dungeon or to gather intelligence about your enemies' dungeon layout.

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‘Dungeon Keeper’ Guide – Tips For Winning Without Spending Real Money – TouchArcade

Speed Up - Use this on low skilled Imps so they preform their duties faster or use on creatures while training, in the library or workshop they will all work faster! Must Obey - Forces creatures to do thine bidding but really never use or found a use for it. Call To Arms - Attracts creatures together when you drop them over this spell.

Conceal Creature - Provides stealth so creatures can not be seen and thus attacked. Use this on Imps when they get too close to an enemy's dungeon. Hold Audience - If ever your Dungeon Heart is attacked and no one is nearby to help defend this then this is the spell to use! Heal - Probably the most useful spell as it can cleanly heal any creature but for a price. Higher level creatures require much more healing but unfortunately this spell has to be manually applied to individual creatures. Lightning Spell - Very devestating but slightly difficult to target.

Protect Creature - Conjures a magical shield around creature. Chicken Spell - When an enemy creature is selected it turns them into a chicken for 20sec! Disease - Select an enemy creature and it will insert a highly contagious virus that can spread inside their dungeon. Word of warning: For its cost of 60, GOLD that money is best spent elsewhere as it is so rare to have to use it. Not the most prominent end-spell. Build a large temple and drop him to the side of it and he will cool off!

You must claim the squares around it in order to laid traps. Either that or if you see his Imps going after your Gold and you have a fair bit of cash then you can really upset him by eliminating his entire Imp force as they dig. If you leave enemy creatures in prison long enough them will die and turn into Skeletons. Throw the Skeleton back into Prison and it actually trains faster. One humourous note: Toss a Chicken from the Hatchery into the Prison and the prisoners will actually fight over it!

‘Dungeon Keeper’ Guide – Tips For Winning Without Spending Real Money

Try to place the Torture Chamber a little away from your dungeon or close it off with a door and LOCK it creatures going by the door can sometimes inadvertently open it causing exposed Torture victims walking to the table to turn on them! Unlock the door when all prisoners are being tortured at their respective tables. If a tortured victim gets converted just as you drop a new creature down to be tortured they will both fight it out so be aware of this. You will have to be with the Imp as it claims enemy territory so when a Boulder is seen rolling down the corridor or corner you MUST pick up the IMP, let the Boulder roll by, then drop the Imp back down to continue claiming land.

Boulder traps can only be used once and, like other traps, once exhausted have to be replenished by your Imp force via the Workshop. Each contact costs 35 Gold but eventually a creature of the same type will 'silently' be attracted into your dungeon. Use the Creature Tab to see if in fact your fold has proliferated. You can even scavenge your opponents' creatures! If you can spare them, drop Imps into the Training Room and create more Imps using the IMP icon to do the mundane work of digging Gold to pay for creature training. This way you will have highly trained Imps to dig Gold and Rooms much faster, more speedily retrieve stunned or dead carcasses, claim territory quicker.

Happy Sacrificing! AI player had 7 creatures doing other mundane things while I was trashing his Heart - Inability of AI player to effectively train his creatures as quickly as I can I continously see his creatures' skills down around 1 or 2 with only a few exceptions - Inability of AI player to place traps let alone place them in effective areas ie.

I built a fair- sized Scavenger Room and started putting 3 creature types in there Quantity of 3 for each and his entire army was soon reduced by half making him way too easy to eliminate. Top tip: EA just never learn. Worst company in America for many years doesn't mean anything to them! On wait, that's called 6v6 multiplayer. Just imagine the fleecing that players will receive on that game with both the big boy scammers joining forces. Thank God some of us were born with brains! Topper tip: Do not even download: When i see a DK article, i just go to metacritic and reassure myself by reading user reviews.

It has a whopping 0,3 out of 10 with over reviews.

The story is too old to be commented. Chapter11 d ago "Combine this with being easy on your expenditure of gems in the first place, and there is no need to spend any real-life money on this game.

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