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I purchase cell phone holders every other month for use in my semi truck. Most are almost worthless and break within weeks of purchase. The MPOW phone holder actually holds my phone in a convenient location. It vibrates a little but that's because everything in a semi truck vibrates. My initial thoughts are the quality of this holder seems very good, is easy to install and tighten up, and seems solid when mounted in the CD player. I'm very happy then it still allows for easy operation of my stereo.

Of course the question is how long will it last? This is day one and I will keep you updated on how well it holds. By Brian Hensley. Item as described. Zero customer service. It arrived promptly. I was able to easily assemble it via the included directions.

Top 10 “iPhone 6 Plus” Car Mounts on Amazon – Spring 2015

It fit perfectly in my CD player as described. However, as this product keeps the little CD player door open my CD player keeps searching for a disc that doesn't exist. It will not switch over to the radio or play a CD with the little door open. I had intended to attempt to exchange the item for one that will work for my vehicle but instead just gave it away to someone it WILL work for. By Kelly Kramer. By WizGear. Check your air vents before you buy While you are scouring through the listings of magnetic cell phone mounts, keep one VERY important thing in mind; the shape of your air vents.

This product is designed for those air vents that protrude a bit more, like PT Cruisers, and stick out past the dashboard plastics. If your air vents look like that, this is your mount. It actually comes with two one for slimmer air vent plastics, one for slightly wider designs. If your air vents are a little more recessed behind the dashboard, then you'll want to consider Wizgear's other car mounts with longer grippers, like this one: By Ryan's Guide. Very strong magnet. Basically, they give you a Basically, they give you a metal sheet that you put in your phone case that you use to magnet-stick it to this mount on your car.

The metal sheet is thin and soft, so it won't scratch your phone or add bulk. There is even adhesive if you don't have a case. If already using a case, don't remove the adhesive sticker, so if you switch cases next time, you can still reuse it! I aim to write concise, but detailed reviews that cover the usability and design of a product, also offering productivity tips. By Instapoke. I ordered this product for myself because I saw a more expensive brand of the same product in my friend's car and I thought that it was a clever and cheap option to display my iPhone 6s Plus in any car.

After owning it for two weeks, I have come to love the simplistic concept and convenience. All I need to do is drop my phone on my vent and go. The magnet is very strong and the metal card isn't even noticeable.


The best iPhone car mounts to keep your smartphone in sight and stable

I love it so far, but there are a few things I have to say about the WizGear magnetic mount after a couple weeks of using it: First, a helpful tip I learned is to place the inside metal plate in a vertical position in your case. I've attached a photo to demonstrate the position. By WTL. This is how an ideal car mount air vent design should work!!! So simple yet so effective! I don't usually write too many positive reviews but this phone mount is just amazing and I wanted to give credit where it's due to the seller.

I previously used the 'mainstream' Logitech car vent mount for almost 3 years. That one actually costs more and you only get one, when you really need two, at least for large smartphones had the S6, and now S8 plus.

The 3 Best iPhone Car Mounts

The old mount was good, but for safety, I put two on. Also, the 'clip' kept coming off the air vent whenever I dislodged my phone. In fact, while doing that, I lost 1 of the 2 mounts. And hence, I researched what was available and got this Wizgear amount, which fits my phone much better much larger rectangular surface area vs. By Kam Wong. Great Design - So far my favorite dash cell phone holder, great design - easy to use - and strong enough for even the bumpiest roads.

Not a big eyesore on the dash - looks sleek. Only issue I've had is that the wing nut that tightens the vent holders tends to work itself loose after several removals of the cell phone from the magnet because the magnet is so strong. I tried using some Teflon tape on it to help lock the wing nut in place after tightening - and that seems to have done the trick to keep it rock solid.

Vent mounted, reviewer approved II previously had another magnetic mount from this company which was also good , but it only lasted a year and a half because of little screws in the construction of the device. If you 've never had any of these type products before, I'd recommend starting with this one for the sticking power, flexibility with your phone and construction of the product. Mounts well and makes using navigation apps very easy and convenient. By The Good Doctor. By YOSH. Yosh air vent magnetic car mount holder suited very nice with my car This Yosh air vent magnetic car mount holder suited very nice with my car.

It has a very strong magnet and it holds my phone while I'm driving. It's super useful especially while I'm using my GPS, it prevents me from having to look down on my phone which keeps me safe. The holder is able to move left and right and it's very easy to adjust. I would definitely suggest this product to anyone who would like to purchase a car holder, it has a strong magnitude and it definitely does its job. By Emily.

I recommend this car mount to anyone looking for one! I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like this product. The magnet for this mount is very strong, which I did not expect. It even works through my phone case. I like that the magnet doesn't stick directly onto the back of your phone there is a sticker that you can put underneath it so you can remove the magnet at any time.

It also comes with two magnets which is nice if there is more than one person using it. I bought two of these mounts one for me and one for a friend and we both love how strong the magnet is and how easy it is to use! I am highly satisfied with this product and I like that it comes with a lifetime warranty as well. No Claw This little guy is all I needed to hold my Iphone to the dashboard.

I am ordering a second one for the other car. It's so easy to just stick the phone to the magnet, no claw to open and fumble around with like my other system. Great idea!! By Mark Keene. Good pivot range and tightness, very secure mount Have tried several of these, but I especially like this one. PROS for me: If you drive on the right side e. Depending on your vehicle's CD slot design, you may have rotate the mount with the thumbscrew turned up like me. By bigbluelou. Working out well After a couple months of use, this phone holder is working out well.

Used daily in work van. Hold phone well Used a unused part of the van cd player Keeps phone off heating vent Works with thick phone case Great for GPS use Things to keep in mind: It may block some of whatever is above your CD player backup camera but I will say the footprint on this one is mich less than another version I tried. By Vince. This holder was bought for a Nissan Rogue. Not at all concerned with the phone falling out of this grip. However, it has taken a bit of getting used to in releasing with one hand.

I got this holder because the grip isn't obtrusive, especially when horizontal, which is how I prefer my phone. With a touch screen stereo that this holder is above, I need my phone horizontal. Vertically the phone blocks the screen. I am concerned a little with the sturdiness of the holder while placing and removing the phone, it tends to flex a little. Being just a flat surface, there is no perpendicular leverage for the grip inside the cd slot to keep the holder from flexing up or down.

By JenRebekah. BEST car phone mount I've used, period! Great customer service! That's just a start. Their customer service from the instructional e-mail to all of the email assistance was a cut above as well! Great communication through the messaging and e-mail. I put on some pretty tough bumps and hard driving on the vehicle, and the phone mount, and this thing won't slide or shake off, no lie. As pictured, I did not use the transparent tape, and attached the metal plate directly to the outside of the case. As you can see, my case is a little textured. By Survivor Dave. Search is over I have been looking for months for the right type of phone mount.

I was against anything that blocked my vents or was any type of clip. I wanted a strong magnet that would hold on to my phone securely. My wife and I both have cases from same company that has plates in our case for magnets already. Only problem, hers is set up differently since she has a newer iPhone and to avoid issues with wireless charging. This phone mount not only has a very strong magnet, it also comes with two thin metal plates.

Best Rated in Cell Phone Car Cradles & Mounts

I was able to easily slide a plate in between the phone and the case. The phone stays on the magnet very securely. Installing the mount was simple. Found the spot that would be best for our use, installed, and done. Took about 5 seconds and hasn't moved since. Very happy with this product! Best Phone mount I have used to date I have tried numerous phone mounts and found that I prefer magnetic phone mounts due to the ease of attaching and removing my phone from the mount. This one has a very strong magnet that holds my phone firm to the mount. I have it in my truck and I can see it bouncing around a little due to the ride of the truck but it has never come off of the mount without me physically removing by hand.

The other feature I like with this mount is that there are many different ways to mount it and it has a telescoping arm that allows for much more custom placement for each driver. By K2. Works well This is a basic, high quality mount. There are adjustments to move the phone up, down, and forward. The cradle is mounted on a ball so there is a wide range of motion. As you can see from the picture I mounted this on the windshield but included in the box is a plastic plate to allow dashboard mounting as well.

By Eric D. Love it I'm in love with this product so far. The assembly was straightforward and with the design of my car, I'm able to get away with just using the suction cup. It is, however, a huge plus that they include an adhesive mount. Besides it being an overall quality product, the 3 biggest reasons I'm in love with the mount are: By JoePonders.

Winner mount! Included in the box is an extra helpful treat. I am very picky about my mounts and this one is a very good one. I also like the pull out extender and the fact that the grip is way tight and firm. So yeah, this is definitely something you should get. By Laura V. By Nekteck. Easy and Strong I drive a VW Tiguan and finding a car mount for the uneven dashboard has been quite a challenge. This one from Nekteck did the job perfectly.

I never use the CD slot but I am thankful that it is there to use this car mount. It is very steady and holds my iPhone 7 Plus with no problem. The description of the product is true to its material. By iDork. I LOVE it for so many reasons. I have spent so much money on car phone holders and nothing works for any amount of time.

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The ones I have purchased in the past have lost their suction or the clips have broken or I can't get it to a good spot on my windshield. A person recommended this and since I don't use my CD player car only holds one cd so I don't like changing cds while driving I figured I'd give it a try. I have spent money on everything else so why not try one more thing. I had a few reservations before buying By hapeone. They have offered me a full refund or a replacement and ever months of having this device.

That is some serious customer service right there. You can points for that for sure. Moving from 3 start to 4 star for amazing customer service. I've had a different one that broke after 2 years and needed another one. I saw this one which was cheaper then my old one and wanted to give it a go. Ran into a few issues. Every time I remove my device. It comes off my radio. The last one I had didn't have a clamp. By Anker. By Sundix. This is my favorite vent mount yet!

I love this mount. It doesn't feel cheap and it's the only one I've used that doesn't drag the vent down with the phone in it. I was looking for one that wouldn't drag the vent down and I found it! Most vent holders make the vent close with the weight of the phone in it but this one doesn't. It also holds my phone tight so I know it's not going to fall out.

You can also twist it and turn it. Very versatile. I highly recommended it if you're tired of riding around sweating because one of your vents are closed due to your phone vent mount. Get this one and give it a try! By sada. Nice Cell Phone Mount I love this cell phone mount. I was afraid it would break my vent, my vent is thick so no problems. It can be moved around in any direction. I love the way it opens up and all phones fit in it. Now my older children want one. They are tired of the holders that stick on the dash, when its hot it doesnt hold. They like the idea that this is so easy to use and still get air from the vent.

So I bought 2 for each of them for a present. I hope it last, will see. But for right now I love this concept. By Charlene. Worth the price. I give it a 5 star now that I got the pivotal ball to fit into the pivotal hole the item worked as advertised. It also has feet at the bottom of the mount. It has an suction cup to go with the sticky gel bottom.

So far so good. By Kathy Ceasar-Spall. Great product This is a great product! Ultra sleek, easy to install with a magnet that strongly attaches to the phone. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and was concerned if this would support it adequately. I was very pleased how strong the grip is and easy to turn in any direction without detachment. I highly recommend this product!

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Two thumbs up! By Dee. Best thing you will ever buy Outstanding. OK sure I've only had the thing for a few days, but I love it. In fact after it arrived and I installed it in my car, I quickly checked to see if it would fit in the other car and it did so I ordered another.

My wife and I love them completely. No joke. There are effectively four parts to it. Let's review: The magnet. This part is pretty important and this magnet is brutally strong. Not like "my girlfriend is afraid of it" strong, but close. It's excellent. The CD slot holding ability. Some call this the holdability.

That's stupid. Anyway, it gets a AAA rating for spreading that slot and not letting go. The swivel: The swivel is a ball that has a knurled clamp nut and so far it's four stars. A perfect By dave. Solid construction but it took a slight mod to make it work to my satisfaction It's pretty good, but Very well constructed. Solid materials. Not cheap low-density plastic. Good materials.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dashboard and Windshield Car Mount

Turning the thing over doesn't work, because then the phone covers the radio display. I wish the wingnut could be put on the same side as the arm that holds the phone. That said, it's working, magnet is strong, and I'm using it. By Populo Iratus. By Gsaj Yiu. Very durable and universal. Great phone holder! By Stephen Stacy.

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