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  1. 5 best task manager apps for Android
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Visit website. See more. Close all apps running.

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Youssef Ouadban. Close all running apps in order to free memory and save battery.


5 best task manager apps for Android

All-In-One Toolbox: Small handy tools to maximize Android's performance. Fast Task Killer. HDM Dev Team. Just one tap the app icon to instantly release memory. Simple System Monitor. Darshan Parajuli. Simple system monitoring tool. End processes that slow down your system.

7 Best Task Manager Apps for Android

Easy Uninstaller App Uninstall. First, open the multitasking screen. On a Nexus 4 or Galaxy Nexus, simply press the dedicated multitasking button. On a phone without a multitasking button, like a Galaxy S4 or HTC One, you may have to long-press or double tap the home button to open this screen. Next, swipe a recent app to the left or right of the screen and its thumbnail will disappear.

In addition to removing this app from the list of recent apps, cleaning up the list, Android will also remove the app from memory.

7 Best Task Manager Apps for Android 12222

Killing an app is generally not necessary. However, it can help if the app is misbehaving — killing and re-opening the app may cause it to work properly.

Best Task Manager Apps

First, open the Settings screen and tap the Apps category. From the Apps settings pane, you can also swipe over to the Running category to view apps that are running in the background. They may start automatically at boot and stay running in the background so they can automatically do things.

For example, chat apps like WhatsApp may remain running in the background so they can automatically receive messages. Less work placed on the CPU leads to less energy used, which means a device would last longer throughout the day. Despite the energy-saving claims made by task killer developers and users who swear by the benefits, there are many opposing arguments.

Automatic Task Killing

Not only that, but the memory inside smartphones and tablets works differently than that of desktop and laptop computers. Also, mobile hardware has come a long way to work smarter and consume less power overall. For example, with the Windows OS, less available memory means a slower system experience. In fact, having apps stored in memory often results in better battery performance. This is a good thing, since loading apps from memory is faster and less CPU-intensive than fully-loading from device storage.

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Back then, task killers were far more effective and necessary. Older-generation smartphones and tablets used processors with standard-sized cores that focused on maximum power. These processors would throttle core speeds in real time to match activities — not very efficient. ARM a manufacturer of mobile processors used in the vast majority of smartphones and tablets utilizes a design that combines both small and big cores together, which results in far greater efficiency.

Here's an example: When a user engages in an activity, the system decides the appropriate core size; small activities e.

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This approach allows processes to run quickly without using excess power and wasting battery life. Also, some Android devices come with the Smart Manager app, which is a task killer. The Smart Manager also details battery usage and storage data. Vocal opponents of task killers claim that such apps do more harm than good, which may be a bit of an exaggeration. Running a task killer is unlikely to utterly destroy your device; you just may not experience much if any battery savings for your efforts.