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We are about to unveil 10 of the semi-secret features to you. Access Quick Setting Panel with two fingers Have you ever tried pulling down the status bar with two fingers?

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You will be able to access the full Quick Setting panel for a complete overview of all options directly instead of seeing only five icons like you would if you had only used one finger. Also, by tapping and holding the Quick Setting panel icon, you can directly access the settings.

You can rearrange the order of the icons within the panel by long-tapping the icon you wish to change in the notification panel settings and dragging it to the place you want it to be located. Add your TV remote control to the notification panel.

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You can also easily add this function to the notification panel. Do you dislike how cumbersome multitasking can be on a smartphone? If you want to check the location of where you and your friend are meeting, at the same time as sending your friend a message, you can in fact do this with GALAXY S4! For instance, once you press new message, tap the setting icon of the QWERTY keyboard, which is next to the space bar.

How to Turn off Camera Shutter Sound on Galaxy S4 ?

Then select the pop-up keyboard icon, which has a plus on the keyboard icon. Now you can do two things at once! Blocking mode for when you do not wish to be disturbed. We have all lost a little sleep when our phones unexpectedly chime or ring in the middle of the night — or even more embarrassingly, in an important meeting. You can turn on the Blocking mode just by tapping Settings, then my device, and then blocking mode.

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You can block notifications from selected features such as phone calls and text messages during chosen periods, such as when you are in class, at work, or asleep. Worried if you might miss an important call? Now you can sleep well! Wi-Fi Timer for efficient data usage. Adapt Sound optimizes sound quality. Once you connect your earphones or headphones to your phone, tap Settings, then My device, then Sound, and then Adapt Sound to activate the function. When you select Start, you will hear a series of beeps that resemble a hearing test. You will be asked to confirm if you can hear a sound for each of the 20 tests.

After you complete the tests, a graph that analyzed your left and right ear hearing ability will appear. By doing this, your phone will be able to calibrate the appropriate levels of volume for you.

[Q] S4 mini shutter sound | Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini

Optimizing in-call audio clarity. Did you used to have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the phone when you were outside on the street, or in a busy shopping center? Well, in fact, you can personalize the sound of an incoming or outgoing call by selecting an audio equalizer setting such as Soft or Clear sound while you are on the phone.

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You can also increase the volume by tapping the on-screen Extra volume bottom, which is above the end call icon. Just to remind you, these options can be adjusted by going to Call in My device and Settings. Hold down the Power button on your Galaxy S3. Wait for the pop up menu to appear, and then release it. Tap it to activate silent mode. Opt to activate Silent Mode from the Settings menu.

Go to your Home screen and click the Settings app. Tap the Sound menu. Scroll until you find Silent Mode. Tap the check box to activate silent mode. Method 3. Tap on the application to take photos on your Android device. All photos will be taken without the shutter sound. You can also take continuous photos with this app. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

10 Hidden Features of the GALAXY S4

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