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BlackBerry Priv tips and tricks: Master your Android BB - Pocket-lint

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Filter Results. Price Range to. Many features will be new to BlackBerry users, but some will be familiar. If you have BlackBerry Hub handling your email, you don't need your Gmail syncing in the background. You'll save battery, data and notifications! Mark all your messages as read: A BlackBerry favourite. In Hub, press and hold the date. Everything prior to that date will be selected. Tap the three dot menu button in the top right-hand corner and you have the option to delete or mark as read.

Change swipe actions: In BB Hub you can swipe left or right to action an email. This action is customisable, however. Power manage those emails! Delete from Hub and server: You can swipe to delete. This can just be to remove messages from BB Hub, but you can set it to delete from the server too, ideal for killing spam.

Automatic image download: Images not showing in emails? Change accounts appearing in the BlackBerry Hub view: BB Hub is great because you can see almost all of your messages in one view. But if you don't want something like Twitter in there, you can disable that. Tap this and uncheck anything you don't want in the BlackBerry Hub view. You can still tap each linked acocunt to view individually however.

The BlackBerry Priv uniquely offers a physical and an on-screen keyboard, so you can choose how you enter text.

It also means you have lots of options. BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts: When you're in an app like Hub, there's loads you can use for quick actions. T jumps to the top, B jumps to the bottom, C opens a new email, and so on. Programme keyboard shortcuts: But out of apps, on the home pages, you can programme each of the keys to act as a shortcut. A long press can be used to open an app, contact or quick action. For example, you can set C to open Chrome, or T to open Twitter.

Just slide open the Priv and hold a key down. You'll then be offered a range of options to link to that key, including suggests for apps that start with that letter. Keyboard gestures: The Priv physical keyboard also has a capacitive touch sensor, so you can swipe over the keyboard to take actions on the display. Swipe down to pull the page down and swipe up to pull the page up. It's really handy for scrolling through documents without touching the display and covering the words.

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Swipe to select, or swipe to delete: Those physical keyboard gestures will also let you select predicted words by swiping up, or delete incorrect words by swiping to the left. Cleverly, you can select any of the three suggested predictions either by swiping on the left, centre or right of the physical keyboard.

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Open special characters: Swipe down on the physical keyboard and the special characters grid will pop up on the display for easy entry. You can either tap the on-screen characters, or press the buttons, as they are mapped to the physical keys. Swipe down again to enter the number pad. Quickly select predicted words: The Priv on-screen keyboard works the same was as on previous BB 10 touch devices like the Z It will predict your next word, so swipe up to select that word. Use emoji: If you're looking for the emoji from the BB keyboard, press and hold the ".

Tap the smiley face and you'll get the emoji keyboard. Just like the physical keyboard, a swipe down on the on-screen keyboard switches to special chatacters. It's much faster than trying to tap the? Quickly delete words: Again like the physical keyboard, swiping to the left will delete a word.

BlackBerry Priv keyboard tips and tricks

It's much faster than hitting that delete button. Install a different on-screen keyboard: As this is Android, you can install any of the other keyboards on the Play Store. Search and install. Keyboards like SwiftKey are faster than the BlackBerry offering, so if you're doing a lot of on-screen entry, it's worth having. Quickly switch on-screen keyboards: When using the keyboard after installing an alternative, you'll see a keyboard icon at the right-hand end of the Android navigation controls. Tap this to switch between your alternatives. Why would you do this? To reable those physical keyboard gestures.

For those new to Android, the "Launcher" is made up of your home screens and the apps menu. You can install different launchers to change the behaviour of your device, but the BlackBerry Launcher is very good, and packed with unique features. Access the BlackBerry Launcher Settings menu: Open the apps tray by pressing the central circular button containing six dots. In the top right-hand corner is the settings cog to access the menu and control the Launcher's behaviour.

Or, press and hold on the wallpaper, then hit the settings gear on the right-hand end of the list.