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  1. How to Read Kindle Books on an Android Tablet / Phone
  2. How to Read Kindle Books on an Android Tablet / Phone
  3. Reading and Managing Kindle Books on Android

Kindle allows users to purchase and download more than 3 million books, audiobooks, magazines, and other titles, and read them through a convenient, easy-to-use interface that provides plenty of reader-friendly features. Readers can make annotations, highlights and bookmarks in their books that are then synced across all of their Kindle-equipped gadgets, and continue wherever they left off on any device, through Amazon Whispersync, which functions across all Kindle-equipped gadgets to the Kindle e-reader and the Kindle desktop software.

Kindle also features the powerful smart look-up search function, which lets users find ideas, characters, and settings in whatever they're reading, as well as scanning for definitions and translations by just tapping and holding on text. Users can also customize their reading experience with a nighttime mode, and modifiable font, text size, line spacing, background color, and margin width.

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How to Read Kindle Books on an Android Tablet / Phone

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How to Read Kindle Books on an Android Tablet / Phone

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  • About Amazon Kindle?

Your kindle App has an email address and you can send documents and books to it by attaching them to an email. If you use the subject line convert then Amazon will convert the files to Kindle format. They appear in the carousel and in the docs folder of the Kindle App. They are automatically downloaded and stored on the device in the kindle folder.

This is used for managing your ebooks. Kindle creates generic device names like My Android Device ,My 2nd Android Device etc which make it difficult to know which device you are trying to manage. You can change the device name,email address etc by selecting the device and clicking on the appropriate links.. Just install the Kindle App on your new tablet and connect it to Amazon using your Amazon account.

Reading and Managing Kindle Books on Android

A- Yes you only need a internet connection to download them. Turning Wi-Fi off is a good way of conserving your battery.

A- You will need to copy them to the books folder on your internal sdcard first. A- The navigation options are basic and different then when reading a kindle formatted book. You will get better control and navigation if you open and read the book user the adobe reader.